3 Oct

Winners of the 8th Falling Walls Lab CZ 2023

1st place - Anıl Axel Tellbüscher - Breaking the Wall of Aquaculture Waste

2nd place - Matyáš Adam Michel - Breaking the Wall of Kids' Sedentary Lifestyle

3rd place - Alexandr Zaykov - Breaking the Wall of Solar Cell Efficiency

Audience award - Petra Vopařilová - Breaking the Wall of Pathogen Detection

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13 Sep

Winners of the 7th Falling Walls Lab CZ 2022

1st place - Stanislava Bezdíček Králová - Breaking the Wall of Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

2nd place - Zuzana Střížová - Breaking the Wall of Limited Immunotherapy Indications

3rd place - Jan Nekvinda - Breaking the wall of antibiotic resistance

Audience award - Kelsea Grace Jones - Breaking the Wall of Sustainable Rare-Earth Materials

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4 Jul

Extension of the deadline

Due to great interest, we have extended the registration deadline until July 14, 2022.

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31 Mar

Sign up now

Don't forget, until June 30, you have the opportunity to register on the international competition website -

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